Peanut Chutney Powder


Peanut chutney powder is a wonderfully tasty product that can be sprinkled on or mixed with rice and vegetables.  It can also be served with dosas, idli and upma.

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Peanut Chutney powder
Roasted organic peanuts, blended with Himalaya salt, garlic and chilly powder. Is great to sprinkle on rice and vegetables.

Peanuts are rich in nutrients, providing over 30 essential nutrients and phytonutrients. Peanuts are a good source of niacin, folate, fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and phosphorus. They also are naturally free of trans-fats and sodium, and contain about 25% protein (a higher proportion than in any true nut).

Himalaya Crystal Salt is the most beneficial unpolluted salt available on the planet. It comes from the mines in the Himalaya region and has remained intact and clean since its production in the sea in primordial times (25 million years ago). Himalaya Salt is a pure unprocessed additive-free rock salt.  It contains all the 84 minerals needed by the body in the same proportion as they are naturally available in the blood.  The minerals and trace elements in Himalaya Crystal salt are 100% absorbable. They have a specific electro magnetic field and frequency and their interaction is very important for the body.

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