Organic Phenyl


A natural floor cleaner, purely organic, based on pine oil and the distilled urine of the Indian cow.

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Miraculous Gaumutra:
Gaumutra is the urine of the cow, as the name says, gau means cow and mutra for urine. To create this product the cow must be of Indian breed.  Gaumutra is a centuries old sacred substance used by the Hindus for their rituals and it is also known for its miraculous medicinal properties.

Indian Context: The ancient scriptures of the Hindus keep gaumutra as a sacred commodity and it is even used for worship and other religious activities. Gaumutra is taken orally by the Hindus for treating various diseases and as a purifier of the body and soul in Hindu rituals.

The cow dung is used by the villagers in India for applying on house floors and walls of the mud houses as an anti-bacterial and anti-germ treatment.

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