About us

Ahimsa Organic Products Pvt Ltd processes and markets certified organic products produced by the Ahimsa Farm of Karuna Society for Animals and Nature at Puttaparthi. A.P.

The Ahimsa Farm is a combination of cruelty free organic farming and Karuna’s Cattle Rescue Project,  where the rescued cattle have a right to life, live in the herd and graze outside. They are protected from abuse and no milk is drawn from any cow or buffalo
Cruelty Free Farming
Organic agriculture in India depends on the cow and her by-products like dung, cow urine and the physical strength of the bulls for ploughing and transport.  We cannot deny the importance of the local cow who has played a crucial role in the development of agriculture over thousands of years.
There is a new interest in organic farming in India but there is a disconnection from  the lives of animals. Many organic producers have no animals themselves but use dung for compost from their neighbours milk buffaloes or they might even have their own small dairy and use the by-products for the farming. These animals will still go to slaughter and the male calves will be killed after a few days. This is not cruelty free organic farming,the products will still be grown on the energy of cruelty and death.
At the Ahimsa Farm no animal goes to slaughter and is loved and cared for for the rest of their lives, so their by-products carry the energy of respect and happiness. This is very important for the quality of the soil, its products, the well being of our customers and for the lives of small animals living in and around our farm like birds, squirrels, snakes and many more that we do not even see.